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Outcastes #11 is out now! It’s available to download for a mere 50p. In this penultimate issue, Winter and Armida find themselves in a strange new land, where their journey to find Malthus finally nears its end…


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NW1-2Welcome to the new look True Stories Comics! It’s far from the first time I’ve said that, as this is about the fifth iteration of the website since it began 12 years ago, but the first I haven’t coded by hand. As much as I liked the previous version, it wasn’t Google friendly or the easiest to order from. Also my focus has changed with the times, moving away from traditional single issues and instead embracing the digital age. The long term aim is to make all my comics available in both download and trade paperback form, beginning with the Angel Nebula and Frontiers collections. Of course you can still order from my extensive back catalogue of comics, now all at bargain reduced prices. UK postage remains free on orders of £5 or over.

In addition to improvements to the store, you can now post reviews or sign up for an account. I’ve also integrated my new free online strip New Worlds into the website and will continue to add more content and features. Take a look around, hope you enjoy.