Welcome to the new True Stories website!

After too long in limbo due to tedious technical reasons, I've remodelled the site into less of a store and more of a showcase for my comics. The majority of my work is now available in digital and paperback collected editions direct from Lulu, with more to come. I'm also looking to expand my presence on Comixology and Amazon shortly.

The final chapter of Outcastes is on course for release soon, so look out for a collected edition launching later this year.

About Me

I'm Tony McGee, a writer, artist and publisher in the field of independent comic books since the mid 1990's. True Stories Comics encompasses a wide range of styles and genres, from slice of life drama to fantasy to science fiction, with the simple goal of entertaining through telling good stories.

My ever increasing range of deluxe paperbacks are available to order from Lulu, with shorter comics on sale at Comicsy. Some of my titles are also available through Comixology and Amazon, with more to follow. If you wish to enquire about ordering comic books, sketches or commissions from me, feel free to contact me directly here.

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